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Me and My Bees: Creating a Bee Friendly Home

I’ve actively been trying to replenish the bee population, one flower at a time. I take the problem with our disappearing bee population and all pollinators personally. If I don’t’ do something to help, the colony collapse will be my fault.
Now, I have to admit that my efforts are also selfish as I have fruit trees that rely on pollinators to set fruit. Without the pollinators, my trees will … Read the rest

Book Review-The Sixth Extinction-An Unnatural History


The Sixth Extinction-An Unnatural History

Elizabeth Kolbert

February 11, 2014

In The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural History, author Elizabeth Kolbert paints a frightening future for our planet.   Man, she predicts, may become the sixth extinction following five major extinctions over the last half billion years.

This isn’t Kolbert’s first venture into the science of the fate of our species and planet. A staff writer at The New YorkerRead the rest