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Dictating a Book? Tips for Editing the First Draft by Corina Koch MacLeod

Originally published at The Book Designer.

Edited by Carla Douglas

Dictation has become a popular method for laying down a first draft. Barbara Cartland and Voltaire did it, James Patterson and Dan Brown are doing it, and popular self-publishing author Joanna Penn is determined to try it. In fact, Cindy Grigg (The Productive Author’s Guide to Dictation) and Monica Leonelle (Dictate Your Book) have written books on the subject so … Read the rest

Creating a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

A dynamic speaker does not need a tool to get his point across. Yet, the right tool can engage his audience with images illustrated by stories that create a longer lasting impact.

How do you make this happen? By building a strong, professional PowerPoint presentation using personal messages as an example of the subject matter. The PowerPoint is there to illustrate and provoke thoughtful ideas to raise awareness of the … Read the rest