Biggest Healthcare Technology Advances


According to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, new technologies the medical community has at their disposal is greatly improving the options for diagnostics and the understanding to improve the lives of patients.

Medical advances that add to existing practices enhance the physicians ability to improve a patients life. provide care for patients.

These include additive foam, and radiologic technology.

Additive Technology

The World Economic Forum says that additive manufacturing is a top emerging healthcare technology worldwide. Additive manufacturing, the process used in digital 3D printing, is accomplished by building up layers by depositing materials little by little, such as powders or liquids. This creates a product through digital technology such as human cells. The process, called bio-printing, has been used to create bone, skin and heart tissue.

Foam Technology

Florida State University announced that a student in their engineering department has created a special foam component called that becomes thicker when flexed. Most foams shrinks after use. The application is particularly helpful for people with amputations in offering more comfort with prosthetic devices. technology.

Radiology Technology

Beta Forum reports that the expanding field of Radiologic technology in healthcare is still the gold standard in the diagnostic field of medicine. There are new digital hand-held devices that can be used bedside to examine unmovable objects and send the information remotely using a wireless technology to the radiologist or ordering physician. The new technology also allows the physician to immediately view comparison images to better make a diagnosis.

As our medical technology improves, the opportunities for people everywhere will have a chance of a healthier, longer and more active life.