Create an effective web sales tool


eWebsites successfully designed for sales focus on one product on the home page. They are clean and easy to read and engage the customer. The job of the site is to engage visitors and invite them to explore what the company has to offer.

Several design elements are important to keep in mind when creating a website as a sales tool.

  • Highlight one product on the home page and list additional products that are available.
  • Take advantage of bold headlines and create impact.
  • Be sure to include key words when describing the product or service being offered. It is important to enhance search engine optimization.
  • Sales is about solving problems and the home page is where to grab a customer’s attention. Use the front page to show how and why the product will solve the problem.
  • Include a customer testimonial about the product to show how well it has worked.

Design with ease in mind

Design your website by incorporating easy-to-navigate and functional components. These components include:

  • Contact information–Always include multiple points of contact. Be sure there are an e-mail address, a phone number and customer service availability with the time zone of where the office is located.
  • Search box–Be sure to include a search box on every page to allow customers to perform a quick search of items without having to navigate to each page in order to locate a certain product.
  • Opt-in option–In order to build a database of loyal customers, offer to keep them informed of upcoming sales as well as industry news.

Incorporate social media

Make use of powerful social media as a part of the selling strategy. Multiple points of entry help build a strong customer base. If a potential new customer finds a product on your Facebook page, be sure there is a link to the website to create smooth transition from one location to the other. Multiple locations online enhance and increase the visibility of the business as well as create more opportunity for customers to find the website and increase sales.

Update the website often

Keep customers coming back to see what is new and next in a product line. Be sure to refresh the website often by showcasing different products at least every two days. In addition, offer special promotions for customers who “opt in” to receive newsletters.

Make checkout easy

If the site includes an ecommerce component, then it is critical that the checkout process be as smooth as possible. There are multiple shopping-cart products on the market to choose from. Be sure all payment options are offered, including PayPal and Google Checkout. Equally important is an automated confirmation of the sale delivered to the customer’s email.

Finally, an effective website sales tool is all about the customer experience. A well-functioning website should run like a new car. As long as everything is working, the customer doesn’t notice a hitch. It’s when there is a problem in the process that things can go wrong. A good website as a sales tool grabs the customer’s attention and makes it easy for the customer to navigate the buying process.

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