Creating a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

A dynamic speaker does not need a tool to get his point across. Yet, the right tool can engage his audience with images illustrated by stories that create a longer lasting impact.

How do you make this happen? By building a strong, professional PowerPoint presentation using personal messages as an example of the subject matter. The PowerPoint is there to illustrate and provoke thoughtful ideas to raise awareness of the topic.

PowerPoint As A Story Teller

Taking a cue from the TED Talk expert, Carmine Gallo, in his Forbes article, Gallo advises speakers to use PowerPoint to tell stories with pictures and possibly even a small bit of animation. Facts go down easier with entertainment and humor. Unleash the inner Mark Twain when creating your PowerPoint.

Ask Questions

Dynamic speakers engage the audience, not just by “speaking at them,” but by bringing the audience into the presentation. To accomplish–or breach–the gap between the audience and speaker, reach out and include a question or two in the presentation to include the audience in the discussion. Use PowerPoint slides to enlist participation to strengthen the relationship between the speaker and attendees.

Create Alternative Conclusion Slide

Create a “What if?” slide.  The wonder of an unexpected conclusion is just too delicious to ignore. Elicit opinions from the audience.

Make It Personal

Insert a personal story that relates to the subject matter. Nothing connects so well with an audience as an intimate anecdote that most can relate to. A slide from the speaker’s home library brings the audience closer still.

The power of a visual aide to illustrate a message is an excellent opportunity make an impact. Take advantage of the moment to reach into the hearts and minds of your audience.


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